The Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network

The Queensland Agriculture Workforce Network (QAWN) is an industry-led rural jobs initiative funded by the Queensland Government.

Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers (BFVG) services the Wide Bay Burnett, Gladstone and Banana Regions and has strong ties with a number of service providers that will be able to assist you with your recruitment and workforce development needs
Our aim is to work with you to understand your workforce requirements and to connect you with the most appropriate solution to help you grow your business. This could include information on the variety of available employment options and wage subsidies, connecting you with local recruitment and  training providers, and/ or providing an update on what funding opportunities are available to upskill your workers.

BFVG’s Agriculture Workforce Officer Kylie Jackson is working closely with local and external Training Organisations, Schools and other community committees to ensure your needs are being addressed. To update Kylie on your business needs or to be added to the mailing list for upcoming events and training please contact:

Kylie Jackson (Agriculture Workforce Officer)

Phone BFVG Office: (07) 4153 3007
Mobile: 0488 533 801

In the Media

Audio | 9th May 2023

[Audio Credit: 3AW Melbourne]

Holiday Harvest Program hits Victorian airwaves 

Media Interview | 8th May 2023

Holiday Harvest Jobs Program

The average age of an Australian farmer is 58, but it is becoming more common to spot teenagers working on farms as the sector tries to boost its ageing workforce. 

Cody Muller, 17, from Queensland’s Wide Bay is one of them.

He has been part of the opening cohort in Queensland’s first program to introduce students to careers in agriculture during the school holidays.

The Holiday Harvest Jobs Program was established after the Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers noticed the gap in the region’s youth entering agricultural employment.

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Workplace Resources

Psychological Health for Small Business [Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ)]
WHSQ have developed a communication kit to help you understand the Managing the risk of psychosocial hazards at work Code of Practice and access helpful resources in one easy location!

Young Worker Safety Toolkit [Workplace Health and Safety Queensland (WHSQ)]
WHSQ have developed a young worker safety toolkit that is suitable to guide all managers, supervisors, leaders and mentors on how to take action to support young worker safety. You can download a copy HERE

Short Courses

Short micro-credential courses available to support employers to recruit and retain their employees

Back to Work has developed a range of FREE short courses in partnership with TAFE Queensland to provide additional skills and build confidence for small business employers to encourage retention of their employees.


The Communicating effectively with people with disability course focuses on providing small businesses with the context and practical information required to establish and maintain effective communication tailored to the diverse needs of people with disability in the workforce.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the diversity of people with disability.
  • Understand the importance and benefits of an inclusive work environment.
  • Use strategies to enhance communication with people with disabilities in the workplace.
  • Access a range of supports for communicating with people with disabilities in the workplace.


The Cultural inclusiveness: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the workplace course provides employers with the necessary context, practical skills, and knowledge to foster effective communication strategies to support positive working relationships with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the significance of cultural identity.
  • Understanding the impacts of historical events and policies on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander workers in current time.
  • Use of culturally sensitive communication strategies for the workplace.
  • Use of consultation to improve culturally appropriate communication.


The Recruitment for small business course focuses on providing small businesses with knowledge and practical information to enable efficient workforce planning, and lawful, effective recruitment.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the importance of workforce planning and how to resource it.
  • Understanding role types and rights and obligations for employment contracts including probationary periods.
  • Using the recruitment cycle including best practice recruitment, selection and induction.
  • Accessing a range of supports for workforce planning and development.


The Cultural responsiveness: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture in the workplace course focuses on providing employers with the context and knowledge required to explore and respond to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and cultural needs in workplaces.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the components and benefits of cultural diversity in the workplace.
  • Understanding cultural differences.
  • Understanding bias and cultural safety.
  • Building cultural responsiveness in the workplace.


The Effective workplace leadership course is designed to provide employers with a clear understanding of a range of different styles of leadership and the skills and knowledge that can be used to enhance and define their own leadership style.

Participants will learn about how to apply the different styles of leadership when leading your team. Tips and tools will be provided to enable skills and knowledge developed throughout the course and can be applied in a range of contexts.

Learning Outcomes

  • Leadership as a concept.
  • The different styles of leadership.
  • How to build own leadership skills.
  • Practical tools and tips for effective leadership.


The Workplace resilience and wellbeing course provides small business owners and other leaders with the necessary skills to build resilience and wellbeing skills in themselves and in others in the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding the different types and importance of resilience.
  • Using strategies to build resilience in yourself and others.
  • Using resilience planning to build resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • Identify the steps involved in resilience planning.
  • Understanding the importance of resilience and wellbeing training and support for the workplace.


Traineeships and Apprenticeships

Traineeships and Apprenticeships that include one of the below qualifications may attract a training and employment subsidy.

  • ACM30921 Certificate III in Equine Hoof Care
  • ACM40818 Certificate IV in Farriery
  • AHC30620 Certificate III in Production Horticulture
  • AHC30716 Certificate III in Horticulture
  • AHC30820 Certificate III in Arboriculture
  • AHC30921 Certificate III in Landscape Construction
  • AHC31021 Certificate III in Parks and Gardens
  • AHC31120 Certificate III in Nursery Operations
  • AHC31319 Certificate III in Sports Turf Management
  • AHC32916 Certificate III in Shearing
  • AHC33719 Certificate III in Protected Horticulture
  • AHC33816 Certificate III in Permaculture
  • AHC40219 Certificate IV in Protected Horticulture
  • AHC40620 Certificate IV in Nursery Operations
  • AHC42021 Certificate IV in Landscape Construction Management
  • AHC50416 Diploma of Horticulture
  • AHC50520 Diploma of Arboriculture
  • AHC50621 Diploma of Landscape Design
  • AHC50820 Diploma of Nursery Management
  • AHC51019 Diploma of Sports Turf Management
  • AHC52021 Diploma of Landscape Construction Management
  • AHC60216 Advanced Diploma of Horticulture
  • AHC60520 Advanced Diploma of Arboriculture
  • FWP30121 Certificate III in Forest Operations
  • FWP30920 Certificate III in Timber Frame or Truss Manufacture
  • FWP31121 Certificate III in Wood Machining
  • FWP50121 Diploma of Forest Operations

To find out more about Australian Apprenticeships (including Traineeships) download the guide below


Media Article | 21st May 2023

Students embrace future of agriculture industry

Article Link

[Source: Bundaberg Today]

Video | 25th September 2020

Student Tip!

[Source: School Holiday Job Program]

Video | 4th August 2019

Your Career in Agriculture

[Video Credit: Queensland Farmers Federation]

Media Interview | 28th August 2017

Backpackers vs Local workers in Seasonal Work.

[Video Snippet Credit: ABC News]

Media Interview | 5th July 2017

Seasonal Work Incentive Trial

[Video Snippet Credit: 7News Wide Bay]

Newsmail Article | Wednesday 2nd September 2020

FAIR GO: Call for flexible job programs to grow ag industry

While there are plenty of employment pograms and subsidies on offer, the nature of agriculture industry typically means they miss out.

Newsmail Article | Tuesday 25th August 2020

Popular workshops for primary producers return to Bundaberg

Primary producers in the Bundaberg region are invited to a free Workplace Essentials workshop to be held 9 September.

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