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SPONSORED | MIRAVIS® Duo “worked so well”

SPONSORED | MIRAVIS® Duo “worked so well”

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‘Build your Own’ Qualification

The below form is for all farm businesses who are investigating Diploma level qualifications to build Farm next generation farm managers and/or anyone who would like formal recognition for all the hard work you put into your business.[wpforms_selector form_id="5594"...

Property & Identify Protection tips

Queensland Police Services have created some useful factsheets to help homes and properties protect assets and identity.

Identity Safety
Identity theft occurs when a person takes another person’s identifying information to commit theft or fraud.

Vehicle Security
Most car thefts are opportunistic and there are a number of things you can do to reduce the risk of having your car stolen or broken into.

Motorcycle Security
The smaller size and weight of motorcycles allows them to be physically picked up and loaded onto or into another vehicle, making them an easy target for theft.

Property Identification
Marking and recording your property helps to deter theft and also provides proof of ownership of your valuables. By marking and recording your property, you can also assist police in identifying and returning stolen property to its rightful owner.




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