Regional Grower Services

A Division of Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers

Regional Grower Services (RGS) is a division of Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers providing consultancy services to regional agribusinesses in the Wide Bay Burnett and surrounding regions.
RGS supports industry to comply with industry standards, is qualified to provide Freshcare (On-Farm Food safety and Environmental) and HACCP training, and conduct Hort360 Reef Certification Audits.

Our Services

Business Support

RGS provide support to regional producers by

  • Project Management

  • Farm plans | Resilience, Biosecurity

  • Work Health & Safety Support*

  • Human Resource Support

Hourly rates apply in the instance of developing plans and documents, group workshops may be funded or partially subsidised. Information will be provided at the time of promotion.


Grant Support

Our team offer assistance to regional producers to interpret grant guidelines and determine eligibility of grants and funding opportunities.
Our services include assisting with grant portals, grant applications and grant writing. Rates for this service is determined by complexity, inclusion of project management (if applicable) and time taken to complete.

Send an enquiry through to our team to receive an initial consultation

  • Project manage successful grants
  • Assist with grant and rebate submissions for
    • Regional economic development grants
    • Coles Nuture
    • QRIDA rebates and grants
    • and more


Audit Preparation

  • Freshcare Food Safety & Supply Chain Standard Internal Audits*
  • HARPS 2.0 Internal Audits
  • Internal Audit Review
  • Hort 360 Certification Audits**

*Internal Audits; Avg 5hours dependant on level of complexity and completion of existing records.
** Hort 360 Certification Audits; Avg 2.5hours

Quality Systems

  • Policies Procedures & Records gap analysis and report
  • Document & record development
  • Freshcare & HARPS setup
  • Quality Assurance maintenance

Time allocation: Avg 5hours dependant on level of complexity and completion of existing records.
Digital copies of all documents are provided


  • Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard
  • HACCP | In partnership with Stratus Consulting, RGS deliver HACCP Training that is relevant to regional horticulture businesses. Delivered face to face over 2 days, minimum numbers are required.
  • Freshcare Environmental Standard
  • Team workshops
  • Industry skills training ie: Forklift, ACDC training

Businesses participating in the Freshcare Standard must have at least 1 business representative complete Freshcare training, a business who also participates in the HARPS programs HACCP training is also required.

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Regional Grower Services Rates

Inc: Business Support, Grant Support, Audit Preparation and Quality Services
Current BFVG Financial Grower Member: $90/ hour
Non Member: $130/ hour
*all rates include GST

Training Rates
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality
Training fee includes: Primary business represntative, Freshcare loyalty fees, Freshcare Manual & Catering
Current BFVG Financial Grower Member: $630
Non Member: $880 
*rates include GST

Current Grants

QRIDA grants and Rebates

  • Drought Preparedness Grants
  • Farm Management Grants
  • Horticultural Netting Program – Trial Expansion – closing 30 April 2024
  • Horticulture Irrigation Rebate Scheme – closing 30 June 2024


  • Agribusiness Digital Solutions Grants Scheme
  • Carbon Farming Advice Scheme
  • Extraordinary Disaster Assistance

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