Applications for the AgProspects program are currently closed.

To be notifed of the next program, please complete an expression of interest form below

We welcome applications from all jobseekers

Program Fee – $TBA per person

Program fees are determined by available subsidies. The full fee will be advised when applications are open.

Additional costs that may be incurred: Personal Protective Equipment (approx $150)

If you are selected and linked with a local Job Active Provider, you may be able to seek financial assistance, please check with your provider prior to submitting an application.

Application to apply for a position in the AgProspects program

Applications are welcomed from job seekers who wish to gain employment in the Agriculture Industry.

Applications require a response for each selection criteria point, applications received that do not meet this requirement will not be considered for the opportunity.

Selection Criteria


  • Candidates must provide a current resume with a minimum of 2 contactable references
  • Candidates must provide a cover letter detailing other skills and experience that may be of benefit to them in an employment scenario in Agriculture
  • A current drivers licence and reliable vehicle, where a candidate does not have a vehicle details of how they will manage transport to Goodwood and Dahls Road
  • Must be prepared to provide a detailed Police History Check prior to employer activities (ie: work experience placement)
  • Must be able to pass a drug & alcohol test prior to commencing employer activities (ie: work experience placement)

Highly Desired

  • Details of any restrictions or considerations the program and employers may need to take into account
  • Details of any information that the candidate feels will be relevant to their application.
AgProspects Expression of Interest
This form is for interested jobseekers to pre-apply for a position in future AgProspects Program. By completing this form, you acknowledge that there are no guarantees that an AgProspects program will be offered within your desired timeframe, that an application will still be required when a program is offered and that it does not immediately guarantee a spot in the program. All details provided will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party without prior permission by the information owner.
To assist with determining available funding support to participate in the AgProspects programs, please indicate if you are linked with a Workforce Australia provider.

The AgProspects Pre-Employment Program is an initiative developed in collaboration with regional Horticulture Producers who have specific skills required for employment opportunities on their farms.

The program is run over 6-8 weeks depending on employer needs, includes 4weeks of intensive training activities to build the skills and knowledge of the participants, and by 1-3 weeks unpaid on-farm work experience shared between host employers to cement knowledge with practical experience.
Employers are also strongly encouraged to use this component of the program as a recruitment strategy for upcoming positions.

Program timetabling is also designed to establish candidates ability to adjust to schedules that are often disrupted by various factors such as weather, timing of harvest or supply issues etc

The success of the program is warranted by a number of factors, the candidates engagement, support from local Job Active providers, the currency of the delivered training and the capacity of the regional employers.

The program design is tailored for participating employers and incorporates training that is aimed to develop a transferrable workforce, potentially creating year round employment opportunities for jobseekers, some programs may include the following learning outcomes;

  • Prepare and apply chemicals
  • Focussed irrigation skills
    • Implementing an irrigation schedule
    • Assist with low volume irrigation operations
    • Maintain pressurised irrigation systems
  • Elevated Work Platform
  • Tractor Operations
  • Employability training
    • Strategies for simple workplace tasks
    • Communicating in the workplace
  • Food Safety
  • Workplace Health and Safety – Manual Handling
  • Crisis Management

If you are an employer and would like a tailored made program for your workplace contact Kylie to discuss your needs in more detail.

Kylie Jackson (Agriculture Workforce Officer)

Phone BFVG Office: (07) 4153 3007
Mobile: 0488 533 801

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Employer Comments
So pleased with the whole program. It is so great to see the change in these students over the time of course of the program. This course needs to continue so we can help more of these unemployed get out of the rut and give them purpose and meaning to their lives

Adrian Crush, General Manager, Peirson Trust Memorial

Job Active comments
The program was excellent. Great outcomes for our customers. Amazing opportunity and supported local businesses.

Chelsea Adams, Team Leader, Max Employment Solutions

RTO comments
Fantastic overall outcome for the students involved with Skills & qualifications needed for them to gain employment in the local region.

Samantha Handley, Administration/Projects Officer, SDS Training

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