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Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers is a regional organisation, representing the Horticulture Industry in the Wide Bay Burnett, we are not a commercial farming operation or contract labour hire agency.

Regional Job Opportunities

BFVG offers this advertising service to regional producers to extend the reach of available employment opportunities. We take no responsibility for any listed positions that have been filled directly by the employer or have been closed on external sources. If you find any of the links are expired, please complete the Expression of Interest form below to have your information shared for potential positions that are not advertised.

In the circumstance there are no advertised vacancies that match your skills, please complete the Expression of interest form below and your information will be recorded and shared to the BFVG Employer Network for direct connection by the employers.

Agriculture Work Expression of Interest
This contact form is to express your interest in gaining employment with agriculture businesses in the Wide Bay, Burnett region. Providing your expression of interest does not guarantee you will be offered employment but you will be added to a database to be contacted by employers who are seeking to fill current positions. Good Luck!
The information provided will assist businesses in identifying other potential roles that will complement your abilities.

Not sure what you want to do?

Visit our interactive career page that will show you all the careers that can be linked to work in the Horticulture Industry.

Online Search Tools

WikiFarms Australia

Labour Hire

Australian Labour Solutions: P: 1300 268 986 |
W: www.laboursolutions.com.au
AWX: P: 1300 299 299 | W: www.awx.com.au
Programmed: P: 1300 361 582 | W: www.programmed.com.au

Disclaimer: Bundaberg Fruit & Vegetable Growers (BFVG) is not affiliated with the above Government Departments and opinions expressed by the above are their own and not necessarily the views of BFVG. BFVG accepts no responsibility for individual interpretation of information provided. BFVG accepts no responsibility for omissions, typographical or printing errors, inaccuracies or changes that may take place after distribution.  BFVG encourages employers, contractors and employees to comply with Australian laws relating to industrial relations, misleading or deceptive conduct and other unfair practices, discrimination, defamation, human rights and any other laws under which liability may be incurred. BFVG accepts no responsibility for any breaches of these laws by any other persons or businesses.

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