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Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers actively advocate for and on behalf of regional Horticulture producers to Local, State and Federal Governments on issues that are critical to the sustainability, profitability and continuity of the thriving Horticulture industry in the Wide Bay Burnett, Fraser Coast, Gympie and Central regions.

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The damage caused by COVID-19 to the Queensland horticulture industry and our supply chain partners has been severe. Domestically we lost much of our food service market almost overnight as restaurants and cafes closed and conferences and cruises were cancelled. On top of this, access to many overseas markets for our perishable goods became impossible as airfreight options evaporated. The long term security of our labour supply also remains in question. Despite this disruption, agriculture industries and horticulture in particular remain resilient and possess some of the most promising potential for a rebound of the Queensland economy. A green spring in Queensland is the roadmap developed by the horticulture industry to chart our own recovery from COVID-19. More than this, it is also the launch pad from which we will propel ourselves to even greater long term sustainability and profitability. 

Paradise Dam

As growers, irrigators and business owners we are very concerned about the safety of our community, we are also concerned with the long-term viability of our community, jobs for our community and investment in and development of our region.

It is our belief that options for remediation on Paradise Dam need to be explored further. Our region, your business and your family cannot afford for our dam’s capacity to be reduced on the basis of testing not being comprehensive enough.

Bundaberg Rates Increase

Supporting the Reversal of the 2020 Bundaberg Regional Council Rates increase

Farmers across every sector of the industry in Bundaberg region have been hit with crippling rates rises of up to 235% in Bundaberg Regional Council’s 2020 Budget.

The Bundaberg Farmers Consortium call on Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) to reverse its decision to impose council rates rises of up to 235% on the region’s farming industry. 


Coronaviruses are a large family of viruses that cause respiratory infections. These can range from the common cold to more serious diseases.

COVID-19 is a disease caused by a new form of coronavirus. It was first reported in December 2019 in Wuhan City in China.

The virus can be spread through close contact with an infectious person, droplets from an infected person’s cough or sneeze and touching objects or surfaces that have droplets from an infected person and then transferring this to the mouth, nose or eyes. The virus can survive for many hours on some surfaces.

Other coronaviruses include Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

Regional Grower Services

Regional Grower Services is a division of Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers. We offer a range of services that compliment and enhance work that is relevant to our region. We can implement & monitor field trials, host industry workshops, support businesses in areas of food safety compliance, business development through Grant writing and project management. 

We also offer marketing opportunities in our fortnightly E-Newsletter Fresh Pickings.

BFVG Representation

Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers Directors, CEO and staff represent the industry as members of various regional and state committees.

These memberships are key to contributing to conversation, change and highlighting opportunities that support the Horticulture Industry.

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