The Adult Migrant English Program (AMEP) offers free  and basic English language classes to help you settle into your new life in Australia. The AMEP is funded by the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

Delivered by TAFE Queensland and available at Bundaberg campus

Eligibility Criteria Conditions apply

  • hold a family, skills, humanitarian, spousal, or approved temporary visa (approved temporary visas do not include the work and holiday visa, working holiday visa, or visitor visa)
  • have low English speaking, reading, or writing skills
  • be over 18 years-of-age (some migrant youth aged 15 to 17 may also be eligible)

Programs available

  • 11137NAT – Course in Skills to Access Learning Pathways
  • 11138NAT – Course in Skills to Develop Learning Pathways
  • 11139NAT – Certificate I in Skills for Education and Training Pathways
  • 11140NAT – Certificate II in Skills for Education Training and Employment Pathways


  • To determine eligibility of funded support, the above criteria applies
  • An interview will determine current level of English competency and assess level of English support required – this usually takes approx. 1.5hrs
  • Send a request to –

Classess (fee for service)

There are 2 class levels
  • Level 1 – classes are Monday & Tuesday 8:30am – 2:30pm
  • Level 2 – classes are Tuesday & Wednesday 8:30am – 2:30pm

 Fees prices are subject to change

Classess can be purchased in blocks. It is recommended that block are purchased at the commencement of a semester as fees are non transferrable and non refundable

  • 50hrs – $340 (approx 10days)
  • 100hrs – $665 (approx 19days)
  • 150hrs – $990 (approx 29days)
  • 200hrs – $1290 (approx 38days)