Increases the yield and quality of avocados

  • Provides a rich source of Plant Available Silicon
  • Improves the uptake of nutrients and nutrient use efficiency
  • Reduces the impact of stress, heat, water, salinity
  • Promotes cell wall growth improving resistance
  • Improves soils ability to hold water
  • Approved input for organic agriculture
  • Available in granule (2-5mm) and chip (2-8mm) for easy application

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Trials have shown significant advantages when applying Agrisilica® to avocados. Yield and quality benefits noted are due to the unique characteristics of Agrisilica® and its ability to supply a continuous source of silicon.

Trial Results
Childers, Queensland, Australia

Trial Objective To evaluate the effect Agrisilica® has on the yield and weight of avocado
Trial Manager Agreco Australia – Independent Consultant
Trial Location Childers, Queensland, Australia
Trial Type A non-randomised, replicated field trial, conducted on a commercial avocado property
Avocado Age / Cultivar Mature Hass
Treatment Standard Fertiliser Practice (SFP) 300 kg/ha Agrisilica® plus SFP 600 kg/ha Agrisilica® plus SFP
Application Method

Agrisilica® was broadcast using a mechanical fertilizer spreader in two equal applications.

First application was made at BBCH**- growth stage 69, end of flowering Second application was made 28 days after the first

Results and Observations

Agrisilica at 300 and 600 kg/ha + SFP significantly increased average fruit weight by up to 47% compared to the Standard fertiliser Practice

Agrisilica at 600 kg/ha + SFP significantly increased total yield by 27% compared with SFP

Although applying Agrilsica increased the percentage of premium fruit (97%) compared to Standard Fertiliser Practice (96%) the difference was not significant


* Plant Available Silicon is determined using the 0.01M CaCl2 extraction method. | ** BBCH stands for “Biologische Bundesanstalt, Bundessortenamt und CHemische Industrie.

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