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These monthly market reports are provided FREE to BFVG Financial Members and is supported by the VegNET project and collated by Market Information Services (MIS)

Ausmarket Consultants is an independently owned and operated business located in the Brisbane Produce Markets, Queensland. Ausmarket has been servicing the Horticulture Industry since 1996.

Ausmarket has been supplying price data to all sectors of the Horticulture Industry for 20+ Years.
Clients include State and Federal Government, Grower Organisations, Financial Institutions, Business
Consultants, Educational Facilities, Industry Organisations, Restaurants/Hotels, Independent and
Major Retailers, Primary and Secondary Wholesalers, Transport Companies, and Individual Growers.

Our primary business activity is the supply of Australian Fruit and Vegetable Market Price Data.
• Daily, Weekly and/or Monthly Ongoing Fruit and Vegetable Price Data
• Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Annual Historic Fruit and Vegetable Price Data for 20+ Years
• Industry and Grower Organisation Projects, Programs and Market Activity Reporting
• Grower Subsidised Wholesale Fruit and Vegetable Market Price Reports
• Price Data from Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide Markets

In addition to the data and information services, Ausmarket offer a wide range of quality assessment
and quality monitoring services which include fruit maturity testing, loss assessments, independent
outturn and arrival assessments, retail monitoring and pre-shipment compliance inspections.

Ausmarket Consultants can be contacted by:
P: (07) 3379 4576
M: 0400 719 941

AUSMARKET Consultants in Association With And Also T/A
Independent Inspection & Disposal Verification Service
ACCC / ASBFEO: Appointed Assessors- Horticulture Code

✓ Quality Assessments and Downgrading
✓ Loss Assessments and Outturn Inspections
✓ Transport and Insurance Claims
✓ Verification and Certification of Waste Disposals
✓ Fruit Maturity Testing and Reporting
✓ Pre-export, Pre-shipment and Pre-delivery
✓ Sea-freight and Air-freight Import Assessments
✓ Access To Australian Market Price Reports
✓ Historic Market Price Data
✓ Annual Prices & Throughput Publications

PO Box 229 Brisbane Markets, Rocklea, Qld. 4106 Phone: (07) 3379 4576
Mobile: 0418 713 688
Price Data Email:
Inspection Email:


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