AgProspects program subsidy

A proportion of this program is supported by the Department of Employment, Small Business and Training, as there are substantial costs involved in the training that are not covered there is a candidate fee that must be paid by all selected candidates.

Jobseekers may be eligible for a full subsidy, to apply fill in the form below.


We welcome applications from all jobseekers
You do not have to be linked to a Job Active provider to participate

Program Fee – $747.00 per person

Subsidised Program Fee – $0.00 per person Apply below!

Additional costs that may be incurred: Personal Protective Equipment (approx $150)

If you are selected and linked with a local Job Active Provider, you may be able to seek financial assistance, please check with your provider prior to submitting an application.

AgProspects subsidy application

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Program subsidy

  • Applications for a program subsidy will be assessed on a case-by-case basis by the participating employers
  • There are no guarantees that a subsidy will be awarded to all applicants

Application to apply for a position in the AgProspects program

Applications are welcomed from job seekers who wish to gain employment in the Agriculture Industry.

It is important to note there are only 15 positions available. The program is expected to commence April 2022.

Applications require a response for each selection criteria point, applications received that do not meet this requirement will not be considered for the opportunity.

Selection Criteria


  • Candidates must provide a current resume with a minimum of 2 contactable references
  • Candidates must provide a cover letter detailing other skills and experience that may be of benefit to them in an employment scenario in Agriculture
  • A current drivers licence and reliable vehicle, where a candidate does not have a vehicle details of how they will manage transport to Goodwood and Dahls Road
  • Must be prepared to provide a detailed Police History Check prior to employer activities (ie: work experience placement)
  • Must be able to pass a drug & alcohol test prior to commencing employer activities (ie: work experience placement)

Highly Desired

  • Details of any restrictions or considerations the program and employers may need to take into account
  • Details of any information that the candidate feels will be relevant to their application.

Questions or Suggestions