Kylie Jackson

Kylie Jackson

Industry Services Officer | Agriculture Workforce Officer | Freshcare Trainer

Kylie has a background in career development and training, holds qualifications in Human
Resources, Career Development, Training and Assessment and Lead Auditing. She has strong
connections with the Office of Industrial Relations, Fairwork and other Government Departments, training organisations, jobseeker providers and local Schools. Kylie is passionate about educating the local workforce about Agricultural career opportunities and working one-on-one with businesses to address their workforce needs.

In her other duties as the Industry Services Officer, Kylie works with Regional Producers to identify opportunities that will enhance business capabilities, this is done through education and providing assistance with Grant applications, navigating legislative obligations etc.

Kylie also facilitates Freshcare Training for regional producers to meet their food safety obligations.

Kylie assists with the coordination of workshops, securing sponsorship for industry events and contributes to BFVG’s social and web based media platforms.


If you would like to discuss employment and training opportunities, contact Kylie on 0488 533 801 or E: