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About the Project

The VegNet 3.0 project will deliver various activities & studies targeted to the region’s Vegetable Producers focusing on 5 key areas of importance:

AgTech – facilitating better collaboration between Vegetable growers & AgTech businesses to promote current Ag technological and the potential adoption of these Agtech products into the industry.

Organic waste – identifying areas of ways to reduce post-harvest loss & develop better awareness between industries for potential value add solutions for Vegetable growers.

Coordinated Pest Management – the project aims to develop a strategic approach between growers, consultants & biosecurity Queensland to increase tracking & monitoring primarily of the Fallarmy worm (FAW).

Inorganic farm waste – developing better understanding of disposal & recycling options associated with agricultural waste plastics & while working with growers & associated industries on promoting business lead recycling programs & development of alternative products.

Input Costs – the project will assess both practices & products highlighting potential areas where better management & operational decisions can affect input costs.

These key areas will deliver opportunities for growers and associated industry businesses to take part in forums, workshops, trials & field days throughout the course of the project. 

Some of the projects being undertaken in 2022;

  • AgForum – Agrotrend 2022
  • Value Add Grower Bus Trip
  • Fallarmy Worm – Agronomist Breakfast
  • Ag Film Plastic retrieval trials
  • Trial & Field day – Reducing input cost with monitored crop management trial

In the Media

WEBINAR: Growing biofumigants – what variety and when | January 2020

In Part 1 the discussion focuses on:

  • Biomass produced – how well they grew
  • Glucosinolate production – how ‘hot’ was the biomass

WEBINAR: Growing biofumigants – what variety and when | January 2020

In Part 2 John discusses the following:

  • Any pest and disease issues during growth
  • Early indications of their impact on some soil-borne diseases.

InfoVeg: Vegetable Leafminer update | October 2018

The Vegetable leafminer is a pest of agricultural concern in many parts of the world. Between 2008 and 2015, the pest was detected on multiple islands in the Torres Strait.

The Guardian Article | Thursday 19th April 2018

Robots, drones and sensors

WHERE in the world will you find a mechatronic engineer, a farmer,arobot and a decent egg and bacon sandwich all under the one roof? At the BFVG Agriculture Hub at Agrotrend!

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