Industry Collaboration Pilot

Extension Activities

The Industry Collaboration Pilot is funded by the Department of Education Skills and Employment, Harvest Trail program and will service the Wide Bay Burnett and Sunshine Morton Harvest Areas.

The project will test industry-led approaches that have the potential to create long-term solutions for regions and growers to develop and retain a reliable workforce.

To do this BFVG plan to:

  • Engage with regional employers to develop and promote opportunities in the horticulture industry
  • Engage with employment services providers and registered training organisations to highlight seasonal work availability and enhance opportunities for local horticulture workers to gain employment in the Horticulture sector
  • Engage with Australian job seekers to promote and provide horticulture work opportunities and career pathways.

To find out more about the project and upcoming activities contact Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Gowers below.

Phone BFVG Office: (07) 4153 3007

Employer Engagement

AgNET is the employer network established to work with Horticulture Employers to identify pain points and opportunities to promote and explore alternative employment opportunities for Australian job seekers.

Professional development and workshops will be offered to assist managers, supervisors and personnel involved in recruitment.

Provision of mentoring and mediation may be available as required to assist in reducing staff turnover, increase long term employment outcomes and build employer confidence in accessing the local workforce pool.


Employment Services Engagement

Communications will be sent to highlight seasonality within serviced regions to assist providers in preparing job seekers for upcoming employment opportunities

Assistance in streamlining a referral process to enhance the candidate pool for employment opportunities.

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