Peter Hockings

Peter Hockings

Technology and Innovation

Peter Hockings has been appointed by Bundaberg Fruit and Vegetable Growers Cooperative Ltd (BFVG) to deliver the organisation’s responsibilities within the Hinkler AgTech Initiative.  Peter is a familiar face throughout the Wide Bay Burnett’s agriculture community having worked in various roles supporting the region’s Sugarcane and Horticultural Industries over the past 23 years.

This includes nine years working previously for BFVG before opportunity led him to take on a role in Federal Government working in the ‘Agriculture’ and ‘Trade, Tourism and Investment’ portfolios.  His most recent role was with Growcom as Export Facilitator for Queensland’s Vegetable Industry.

Peter’s career in Agriculture is extensive and includes roles working in engineering, control traffic farming, mechanical harvesting, irrigation and nutrition research, sustainable production, natural resource management and water quality monitoring, industry representation and advocacy, agriculture trade and investment, regional tourism, export readiness and capacity development.

He holds a Bachelor Degree in Agricultural Engineering and has a diversity of skills and experience including corporate governance, industry representation and advocacy, industry extension and stakeholder liaison, business management, project management and planning, communication, event management, and change management.

Peter is a passionate supporter and advocate for Australia’s Agriculture Industries and the regional communities where agriculture production occurs.  You could say that he lives and breathes Agriculture!

If you would like to discuss potential applications for ‘AgTech’ in your business, or to get directly involved with the Hinkler AgTech Initiative, please contact Peter on 0439 469 502 or at